Sunday, June 13, 2010

Our Venture Heading home June 2010

We started packing the motor home the 31st of May.I do the inside and Dan does most of the outside work,he does a check on the tires,oil,lights and what ever else that needs to be looked at.When he washing the front of mh the hood was open and water hit the control switch that makes the bedroom slide work.Well it burned out so that one no longer works.Looked on line for one and the money they want for this control that is about 2 inches long and inch wide is unreal. Dan has it so the living room slide control can also do the bedroom slide it will be fine till we get home.Then when he went to put the awning in it would not roll in. The handle on the right side would not release so out come the tools and about 20 mins he got it fixed and of course it is like 90 out and humid.For the next few days we still did our job at Big Shoals and got ready to leave. We have been planning on going back to Spencer Camp Ground in Tenn.. And been planning this since March we even had family coming down from Maine.We are leaving Fla. Friday4th. Dan gets an email from the people at the cg Thursday 3rd,saying they were closing the  cg and they were sorry So now we had to find another place to stay.Left White Springs Fl. about 10:30 Friday morning. The trip from there to Perry Ga. went pretty smooth.We stayed at the Fair Harbor cg. Up early and on the road by 7:30. Stopped once for gas. Got to Rock Falls State Park about noon. Vicky and Marline came with subs for lunch about 1:00. Then we rode with them to see where Vicky’s new place was.We also got the tour of the town of Sparta Tenn. Marline gave us a ride back to the park. We gave the girls a good walk around the cg.and then it was time for bed. Sunday we backed the camper into Vicky and Fred’s driveway. We were getting set up and Todd,Teresa,Deb,Cassidy and Andrew showed up. Deb flew in from NJ that morning.  Todd and his family picked her up at the Nashville airport.They visit for a bit then headed on home.  Earl,Kristina and Sandra showed up at Vic’s house about 1:00 pm they visit for awhile then Earl and Kristina went to their hotel and Sandra stayed at Vic’s. Monday we just hung out and did a few things around the house. Dan cleaned out the gutters after it rained when we saw that the rain was going over the gutters instead of down it.Tuesday we went and got a truck load of loam and Dan filled a hole they had at the edge of driveway2025-05-24 2025-05-24 001 002 and I did some transplanting for her. Then we went for lunch at the Sparta diner. Dan mowed the yard and I was doing some things in the camper. Had a nice dinner that Vic made. Visit for a few hours then off to bed. Rained most of the day, a little bit of sun but it didn't  stay long. There have been some good sounding  thunder and lighting. Took the trash to the dump and grabbed a lunch while we were out. Just hanging in camper doing the blog and face book. Can’t do anything outside. Oh well. Ok it is 6:47 pm time to get dinner going.

Big Shoals State Park June 3, 2010

  • Well here we are our last night at Big Shoals State Park,So this is my last entry for Big Shoals. We had a good time while we were here. even though it did get hot early this year. 90’s for most of the month of May. Good thing for the ac.OK let’s get this done. Friday14th Dan went back to Stephen Foster shop to take the Holliday tractor apart,and I mean he and two of his helpers Gary and Rick had to split tractor in half. Need to change the clutch,pressure plate and throw out Bering. They got it torn down old parts out and then get new parts the next day.Saturday15th. Gary came about 7:30 in the morning and he and Dan were off to Live Oaks to get parts,but on the way Gary told Dan that he was not going with Dan but Ben was.( Ben is the park manager at S.F.S.P.) They got the parts and back to the shop to put it back together.Sunday16th. We took the day off pretty much.About 2:00pm we took the gator and patrolled roads 1,2,6 and 18.Then back to the camper and just chilled out rest of night.Monday17th.Another hot day.We did Wood Pecker trail and did the bathrooms. Dan did some mowing. Cooked out on the grill tonight had smoked pork chops very good.Tuesday18th. Did some leave blowing in parking spaces and walkway.Rain started about 2:oopm and rained most of the night.Wensday19th. We were getting ready to go food shopping when Dylan called. He wanted to see if Dan could check out two trucks that wouldn't start.The 97 Chevy pick up has been down for a few weeks and the 2001 Dodge pickup just would not start today. So we went there first and the battery in the Dodge was oozing out acid when Dan had Dylan start it.And the Chevy the battery was just no good. So they got two batteries Dan put them in after cleaning the cables and they up and running the roads now. Now to go food shopping oh yea.That’s done now what’s for dinner?Thursday20th.Did Woodpecker trail with blower. And took the bubba truck  and did2025-05-03 2025-05-24 001 003 patrol 2025-05-03 2025-05-24 001 001 on the fire roads and roads 16,6,2 and1.2025-05-03 2025-05-24 001 001 Took trk. back and brought the canoe back with us towed behind the gator.( Got family coming in from Tampa and we are all going down the river.) Dylan ( our ranger) stopped by while out doing his night rounds and asked Dan if he would go into S.F. with him in the morning to put skid plate back on tractor and weld a piece on one of the JD mowers.Friday21st.Dan and Dylan left here about 8:00am and off to S.F.They got the skid plate back on welding done on mower and back to camper about 11;00am.Had lunch and then he watered the yard,washed the trk. he brought back with him. I made sure all bathrooms were done and checked out picnic area.Saturday 22nd. Took the day off.Family is here time to chill… We all went canoeing  down the Suwannee River.2025-05-06 2025-05-24 001 004 There was 14 of us. We went as far as the rapids and docked up on the sandy beach.The 4 guys took there canoes back up river!!! and got the gator and trk came back for the rest of canoes and coolers.2025-05-06 2025-05-24 001 002 Brent and Mel drove the trk back Dan and I had the gator with the canoe on it what a sight.The rest of the crew walked back to camp a mile walk.We had a good cook out and a great visit.Sunday23rd. The family got here about noon with food to cook on grill.2025-05-06 2025-05-24 001 003 Mel did the cooking. Good job Mel. We hung around camp and just chilling out.2025-05-06 2025-05-24 001 006 It was a great to see them again.2025-05-06 2025-05-24 001 005 Monday24th. Did some leave blowing around picnic area and walkways. Dylan and Gary dropped the small JD mower off so Dan can change the pulley and put on new belts. Well the pulley was the wrong size and so he took the coolant fan off the Gator cause it stopped working. Now waiting for those parts.They dropped off the right size pulley but no fan.Tuesday25th. We did not get out to early today.It is pretty hot out.Dan got the pulley on and replaced the belts. We did a few things around camp and then called it a day. Made diner and was done. Wensady26th.Walked the girls this morning and the temperature was fairly nice but that did not last long. Woodpecker trail needs to be cleaned up from a tree top falling in the trail. But the gator is down and now he has to put blower behind 4 wheeler.But first we tried  it with Dan sitting on the front of 4 wheeler going side to side with hand blower. It was not to fun but we got it done.Back at camp I got lunch and Dan did a little mowing.Thursday27th.Dan checked out W.P. trail because it rained pretty hard the night before. Well Gary bush hogged the side of the trails and it left a mess in the trail. So Dan hooked the big blower to the 4 wheeler and blew off the trail. Then off to Lake City to get a battery for the camper and his pills. Back at camp Dan watered the yard and I got dinner cooking. Friday28th. Had another good storm last night so Dan did woodpecker trail with blower again. I did bathrooms and cleaned up around picnic area. Did some raking .Saturday 29th.We did trail patrol on road # 1 and woodpecker trail. Got busy today most people  we have seen here at one time. Cooked out tonight had burgers. Had another storm tonight wind got pretty gusty at times. Sunday30th. Dan did wood pecker trail, I stayed at camp checked bathrooms and fill the kiosk  with more maps . Got busy again today. We went to S.F. Folk Festival and did laundry while we were there. Festival was alright.We took rd.# 1 on way home and about half way through the road there was a Hugh oak tree down.2025-05-13 2025-05-24 001 003 Turn around go get the bubba trk. and go back out to the tree and get some of it cut up before the storm sets in.We got half of it cut and moved off the road.2025-05-13 2025-05-24 001 002 Here comes the rain. Monday 31st. Dan went back out to cut up some more on the down tree. He got it cut and moved2025-05-13 2025-05-24 001 004 what he could and left the rest for Gary to move with his tractor.Dan had it so you could get by it.2025-05-13 2025-05-24 001 003 Tuesday June 1st. Packing things up.Dan washed the camper top to bottom. I been doing the same inside.Dan did his last mowing .While he did that I got all the outside stuff packed away.Pot-roast,potatoes veg and fresh picked cucumbers for dinner. Wensday2nd.Opened gates this morning. Gary and Dylan are both off for a few days. We took all the parks tools and mower, blower and gator to Dylan’s place. And all rakes ,shovels in the storage room. Still packing things up. Closed gates. Thursday 3rd. Our last day here so we are just doing last minute things. Went and did laundry and got chops for dinner. we wanted smoked chops but they did not have any today. so I got regular chops. Dylan came over for dinner tonight.He gave us each an cert. of appreciation and a letter stating  what a well job we did. Like I said it was fun did a lot of yard raking and leave blowing but it was worth it. It looks so much better. OK that is it for now folks. We leave Friday 4th. and be in Tenn. Saturday for a couple of weeks. Then stopping at Dean’s place for a day then home.. I should being doing a blog when we are in Tenn. 2025-05-06 2025-05-24 001 0012025-05-03 2025-05-24 001 002     

2025-05-03 2025-05-24 001 001

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Big Shoals State Park May 14 2010

Time is running short for us here.If they get another host we will be gone by 31st of this month.2010-05-06 2010-05-06 001 006 If not we will stay till the 4th of June then we are on our way to Tenn.. for a few weeks to see some family members there.May has been a hot month so far,glad we are not here for the summer. OK what have we been doing.. Saturday May 1st.We did trail patrol on Woodpecker trail2010-05-06 2010-05-06 001 002 and rd.#1.Rained the night before so needed to make sure trails were clear of tree branches and such.Got a bike group coming through today.Also got piles of leaves to pick up.2010-05-06 2010-05-06 001 004 The park was busy today.About 2:30pm we had a couple coming off the Shoals trail that needed help. The wife  had fell off her bike and broke her left arm.I got her some ice to put on her arm while Dan took her husband to the little Shoals to get their car. Loaded their bikes on back of the car and off to get medical help . The following day we were not home but they came back and left us a thank you card. That was pretty cool considering we were just doing our thing. Later I lent out jumper cables to a young couple. and their were good to go. Sunday 2nd.Pretty hot day we did some yard work and trail patrols nice and cool in the woods.2010-05-06 2010-05-06 001 007  Monday we did Woodpecker trail and bathrooms and2010-05-06 2010-05-06 001 001 Dan blew off the walkways and picnic areas. Tuesday Dan and Ranger Dylan took the gator out to the Shoals (down by river) and cleared the trails out that way.Got back around noon.Dan finished fixing the 2nd kiosk now I need to stain it.Wednesday5th Dylan asked us if we would help wash some fences that they use for the folk fiesta at the end of this month. Got good and wet. Back at camp had lunch and Dan did some mowing..Thursday Dan did some more leave blowing and we finally got piles of leaves picked up.I stained the kiosk now for it to dry..Friday Did Woodpecker trail and all bathrooms2010-05-06 2010-05-06 001 003 .Dan water the yard starting to get grass out here.2010-04-08 2010-04-15 001 001 Dan and Dylan took the kiosk and put it up at road 18.Saturday8th Still humid and HOT. Dan and Dylan trimmed back some branches that over looks the river.Now you see down at the river. looks good. Then we went to Lake City to get Dan’s meds.There is no drug store in town.So we go to Lake City which is about 15 miles away. Nice ride out the back way..Sunday mothers day. I took the day off. Got mothers day calls from Cheryl and David it was sure nice to hear from them. Dan helped Dylan cut down three tress out by his house.We had dinner at Dylan’s  that night we had ham,potatoes,peas and sweet tea. Monday we loaded blower onto gator and off to do Wood Pecker trail,2010-05-06 2010-05-06 001 001 and do bathrooms.Now  that the trees have bloomed the leaves are not so bad.2010-05-06 2010-05-06 001 005 We are just blowing trail on Fridays now. Dan took the big mower and did the whole picnic area.Looks nice. Tues we went to little Shoals and Dan got the brush fire truck running. Has been down for a few months . Fuel return line bad. Now Dan is driving it .Wens 12th. did not do much.Dan was not feeling well so we stayed in today..He has been doing good but the heat got to him…Thursday Dan called Ben ( park manager)  to see if he needed any mowing at his park.He did so Dan went there thinking he was going to do some mowing.But when he got there Ben was telling Dan about the tractor being down and was going to cost the park about $4000.00 to transport it  and have it worked on. Dan told Ben that he could fix it.Ben was thrilled to hear that.So Ben got Dan a couple of guys to help him and they started tearing it down.He spent a few hours there. We were ask by Ranger Gary to close the gates tonight  open them in the morning. Friday 14th. We open the gates Dan went back to work on the tractor.Split the tractor in two.The clutch is gone,throw out bearings need to be replaced and pressure plate. So now they got to get parts for it.Some in Lake City and Tomorrow morning Dan and Gary are going to Live Oaks to get rest of parts.Then he plans on putting the tractor  back together,So they can have it for work Monday.. Well that’s it for now other than dog sitting for Ranger Dylan.Dozer is the dog’s name.He’s a big baby.. Have a good day.